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Get ready for some hair raising adventures???? No, seriously!

How many times during the winter have you wound up looking like this? Annoying isn't it?!

In the Northeast cold dry air can start as early as October and last through April. During this time I am asked time and time again, how do I get rid of static in my hair???

I have heard many clients remedy this issue with dryer sheets. Do they work? Yes. Are they safe? That is debatable. Although they may temporarily help calm static I would just advise individuals to be mindful of what you are putting in/on your body. One study has shown that dryer sheets emitted 15 endocrine disrupting compounds (EDCs) and chemicals associated with asthma. Evidence from studies suggests that EDCs can affect developing reproductive and nervous systems, metabolism, and cancer. I would definitely keep this in mind.

What causes static to begin with you might ask? This is caused by two unlike objects rubbing together. In this case it is your hair in a hat rubbing against each other swapping electrons and when there is less humidity this charge can build up. With that said there lies the answer to the solution... Moisture!

First and foremost the cold winter air can actually raise the cuticle (outer most layer) of your hair allowing moisture to escape.

How can we prevent this moisture loss?

Use an ionic hair dryer. These dryers work by emitting negative ions that help to separate water molecules thus drying your hair faster reducing excess exposure to heat which in turn will dry out your hair.

Moisture mask at least once a week. My favorite go to mask is Olaplex No. 8

Infused with patented OLAPLEX Bond Building technology, this highly concentrated reparative mask adds shine, smoothness & body while providing intense moisture to treat damaged hair. Hair so visibly healthy, you can skip the styling.

Based on Clinical Results:

2x Shine*

4x Moisture*

6x Smoothness* and

94% saw more Body**

*According to an independent clinical study using instrumentation

**According to a consumer test with 80 people (hair stylists and end-consumers)

Try Co-washing your hair. My favorite Co-Wash is ANALOG by R+Co.

For light, natural and authentic hair, ANALOG is the only step you need for weightless softening and conditioning. A classic go-to for frizz reduction, nourishment, and shine. Great for all hair types. This is good for color-treated, under hydrated or coarse hair.

Another solution is washing your hair less. Washing your hair does remove dirt and oil but it also strips the cuticle layer of its natural moisture. Using a dry shampoo can help you reduce the number of washes, freshens up your hair and also remove excess oil while adding volume and body. Death Valley by R+Co is one of my favorites for a couple of reasons. The scent is fantastic but it also doesn't leave residue in your hair like some other dry shampoos I have tried.

Switching out your cotton or wool hats this winter with one that is lined with silk or satin. Silk is hypoallergenic to start so for those prone to acne on your forehead this is a bonus. Silk can only hold about 10% of its weight in moisture so you will be wicking less moisture out of your hair. Silk also causes less friction which will reduce hair breakage and you got it, less static.

I have been researching the best silk/satin lined hats on the internet to help get you straight to the source. Grace Eleyae offers the best to protect your tress.

If you have any questions please feel free to comment and I will do my best to get you an answer.

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