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So you want to get a Manicure or Pedicure at Scherdiva Salon?  


First, we would like to explain our philosophy on personal care services for your hands and feet.  


The biggest difference in coming here over our competitors is that we do not offer rushed or "express services".  Manicures and Pedicures should be a detailed, yet relaxing experience focused on your needs and desired end result. Unfortunately, that cannot happen in a 30min window of time.  Get this, with our services you actually receive a massage that is relaxing and memorable.  In most places this part of the service is very short or skipped over entirely.  The other huge difference is that your service is focused on you, one Nail Technician per client.  We do not piecemeal your services.

Your service will start with a consultation discussing your wants, needs and desired outcome.   Any time during the service if you have questions, concerns or discomfort WE WANT TO KNOW.  We are more than happy to explain why we are using a specific product or why we are doing something in particular, should you want to know. Again, your experience should be relaxing and comfortable and about you at all times.

One of the biggest concerns new clients express before booking an appointment is, "Will the appointment time I book actually be when I get in?".  So many times you go to your typical nail salon for your mani or pedi, only to find that someone walked in just before you and they take that client knowing you will be coming in for your scheduled appointment and now you are left with no other option, which is to sit around and wait because they are taking everyone who walks in the door without any regard for your time and your schedule.

We use several brands of products to build nail enhancements such as 207 shades of Daisy DND Dip powders, Young Nails precision gel and IBD Builder Gel. In addition to that we have a very large variety of glitters, rhinestones and much more.

Above all of this our main concern is sanitation sanitation sanitation, no one wants a nail fungus!  Our tools are properly sanitized and disinfected after every client in accordance with Vermont State Statues.  Our pedicure chair does not contain jets which can harbor nail funguses.  We use disposable liners which are discarded after every pedicure to ensure cleanliness and client safety.

We also would like to stress that we will absolutely under no circumstances remove or attempt to remove ingrown toenails.  That is a medical procedure, beyond the scope of a Nail Technicians license and is against the law in the state of Vermont.  So I would question any Nail Technician that is performing that procedure on you currently.

We invite you to book a nail treatment and enjoy some much deserved self care.

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