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With a lot go interest in hair extensions we have decided to create a page that explains each type of extension we offer, the maintenance schedule, required at home care for longevity of the extensions.  All hair extensions are a separate purchase from the extension installation service and all hair that is purchased is non refundable and non returnable.  If there is a manufacturer defect the hair will have to be sent into the manufacturer for review and they decide if there is an issue with the hair that requires replacement.  We in no way will make any assessment of any defect.


I-Tip, Micro-link and heat fusion


Extensions are an investment and considered a luxury service and therefore are priced as such.  We take great pride in our work, knowledge and delivery.  We are always looking to improve and be up to date with the latest trends and techniques. Please do not contact us regarding pricing.  We do not price over the phone, text or email.  There is no way for us to examine the density and current condition of your hair which are factors in quoting clients and it will help us determine if you are even a candidate for extensions.

We will work with hair if you currently have it and it is in excellent condition.  We will in no way work with hair that shows signs of deterioration or decay.  If you choose to purchase your own hair and have us install it, we will not be involved in the ordering/selection process period.  We will not choose, color, density, type etc. We also offer no guarantee with hair you provide only the installation will be guaranteed. 

A purchase contract, service contract and at home maintenance contract will all need to be completed and signed by you and your stylist.

The purchase contract is completed after your consultation and full payment for the hair is due at that time, before any hair is ordered.  You cannot cancel or change your order once it has been placed.  Once the hair arrives to the salon it is technically yours since you purchased it.  We will hold the hair here at the salon until the date of your install service or you are welcome to pick it up.

Your service contract will be signed when we setup your initial appointment 

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